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Jim’s 2013 Oscar Predictions


The time has arrived when we find out what Hollywood thought was the best of the best from 2012. Will Ben beat out the President? Will Spielberg bring home the statue again or will David O. Russell pull an upset. Will Daniel Day Lewis, eh, who are we kidding, of course he’s going to win. I think the biggest question on everyone’s mind though is; will Seth MacFarlane deliver the goods. Can you remember who won what at the Golden Globes? No. But I hear Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed it. Personally, I think best picture nominees should be based on what both critics and audiences agreed with. This year, one of those nominees would be The Avengers. But I don’t make the rules. Also, I’m not allowed to vote. I’ve listed my predictions below. Don’t take these to heart because I usually suck at picking the winners, but hey, who knows, this year could be different. If you’re on Twitter I’ll be tweeting (Redsixx) fun facts about the nominated movies and people, and also my reactions to the winners and losers.

Best Picture


Best Actor

Daniel Day-Lewis

Best Actress

Jennifer Lawrence

Supporting Actor

Robert DeNiro

Supporting Actress

Anne Hathaway

Best Director

Steven Spielberg

Best Animated Film

Wreck-It Ralph



Costume Design



The Invisible War

Documentary Short



Zero Dark Thirty

Foreign Language Film



Les Miserables



Original Song

“Everyone Needs a Best Friend.”

Production Design


Animated Short


Short Film

Death of a Shadow

Sound Editing


Sound Mixing

Les Miserables

Visual Effects


Adapted Screenplay


Original Screenplay

Moonrise Kingdom


So that’s it. A lot of those were guesses because I don’t know how to judge best sound mixing. What are your Oscar predictions? Make sure to tweet me during the show (Redsixx).

The Oscars air on ABC Sunday February 24th at 7pm eastern/4pm pacific.


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