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3DG -12-Pack: Nerd Blackface

12 pack NeilIn this week’s totally far-too-drunk 12 PACK collabo with the gents from Beers, Beers & Bastards:

-Bale denies a Justice League appearance;

-Someone wants to make a World of Warcraft movie — the first hour of the movie is just killing bears for meat;

-“Strange” things are afoot in the House of Marvel (dohoho);

-Get ready for Gaiman’s bi-monthly special releases;

-NBC comics? Why?;

-Some surprising resignations in the XBOX camp;

-Skypebombing Zimmerman;

-Italian scientists are devising whole new ways to get head;

-amputated ducks;

-better than vision: supervision;

-sadsackin’ on Facebook;

-and meat-shaming is serious business.

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Episode Art Credit: Jeff Jones
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