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The Manga Concierge Ep.1 | Theme: Games

Somewhere in Shibuya lies a place where Torai Eisu, a manga concierge, guides people to the manga they “always wanted to read”.

In this program, we meet with him every month to hear his title selection, each time on a different theme.

In our first episode, the manga concierge introduces three manga themes around games.

Today’s selection:
・Banjo no Polaris
Scenario: KIGUCHI Minori
Art: WAKAMATSU Takahiro
Publisher: Kodansha

・Final Re:Quest
Scenario/Art: KUSAKA Ichiro
Collaboration: HUGA Inc.
Publisher: Kodansha

Scenario/Art: SATO Masaki
Supervision: Japan Poker Association
Publisher: Futabasha




・ファイナル リクエスト
漫画:日下 一郎

漫画:佐藤 まさき

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