Raw | Movie Review

raw movie review

There is a transition in one's life when all the things you thought made you who you are suddenly become irrelevant or devalued by new obsessions, desires, and responsibilities.  Puberty is one of the first culprits of this identity crisis.  For some it can pass you by without much fanfare; but

The Last Word | Movie Review

If someone's life was dedicated to making terrible mistakes, bad decisions, and committing acts of cruelty, can that person turn it all around and redeem themselves in their final moments? I suppose you could compare it to a basketball game.  It doesn't matter how bad the team plays as long as

Kong: Skull Island | Movie Review

Monster movies are a time-honored genre dating back to the early decades of film.  Much like most horror films, they are a form of catharsis, allowing us to live out wild acts of carnage and mayhem without consequence.  It's stressful situations that somehow increase adrenaline and relieve stress at the

Before I Fall | Movie Review

Time travel has a way of taking a familiar setting and adding a layer of intrigue that would otherwise not be there.  The stories where a character travels back in time provide the most interesting premise because, not only are you thrusting a person into seemingly unknown territory, you are increasing

Rings | Movie Review

If you enjoyed the Ring franchise, including the original Japanese Ringu films, then you probably assumed the story had a definitive ending and there wasn't really anywhere left for it to go.  It's possible they could have rebooted it with a new concept and a new story, but otherwise there

The Space Between Us | Movie Review

Before the film The Martian was released, there was trepidation from studios considering a big-budget movie involving the red planet.  Movies such as Mars Needs Moms and John Carter, to name a few, didn't leave a good impression at the box office.  Since the common denominator was Mars, it was made the