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Rings | Movie Review

If you enjoyed the Ring franchise, including the original Japanese Ringu films, then you probably assumed the story had a definitive ending and there wasn't really anywhere left for it to go.  It's possible they could have rebooted it with a new concept and a new story, but otherwise there

The Space Between Us | Movie Review

Before the film The Martian was released, there was trepidation from studios considering a big-budget movie involving the red planet.  Movies such as Mars Needs Moms and John Carter, to name a few, didn't leave a good impression at the box office.  Since the common denominator was Mars, it was made the

Split | Movie Review

M. Night Shyamalan has had what many would consider a rocky relationship with Hollywood and the movie-going public.  His name garnered recognition with his first film The Sixth Sense, a movie that is known for having one of the most spoiler-heavy twist endings. He followed that up with Unbreakable, a

The Bye Bye Man | Movie Review

Horror films have a common denominator in that they're all meant to scare us, and not all scares are instantaneous.  Some can build inside your head over time until eventually, it becomes impossible to stop thinking about it.  A horror movie can either scare you by bringing up certain fears

Hidden Figures | Movie Review

History is an important and fascinating subject.  It gives us a wealth of information and provides us with insight into our own world, helping us to understand previous mistakes and allowing us to evolve from them.  One of those mistakes is not recognizing the brilliant men and women that made some of

Passengers | Movie Review

Science fiction is a unique genre.  Much like fantasy it places characters in a world that is imaginative and exciting, but science fiction adds an element of reality to its storytelling.  Whether it's with theoretical technology or alternate dimensions in time and space, as an audience we are connected to both

A Monster Calls | Movie Review

When you are a kid and something terrifying or traumatic happens, especially family-related, you develop coping mechanisms to deal with it; or ignore it until it becomes unavoidable.  Any outlet is a worthy distraction from the intense feelings growing inside you.  You might find solace in a sport, a craft,