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Marvel’s DEADPOOL VS. THANOS # 1 is Coming In September!

And you thought Deadpool’s movie was coming soon! Marvel Comics is about to unleash a whole bunch of whoop-ass with a four-issue battle royal between Wade Wilson (aka, Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth) and Thanos, the Mad Titan, who likes to sport his jewel-encrusted gloves. It appears as though Death, the

LUKE SKYWALKER visits City-Planet Coruscant in STAR WARS # 8!

One of the coolest things in George Lucas’ STAR WARS movie prequels was the giant City-Planet, Coruscant. Home to constantly zipping air traffic, with scores of aliens from around the galaxy, not to mention the Jedi Temple, Coruscant was a happening place. In August’s STAR WARS # 8, Luke Skywalker is

The Mighty CHEWBACCA Gets His Own Comic This Fall!

Chewbacca, the ferocious Wookiee warrior fighting side-by-side with Han Solo for so many years, will find himself with a new partner in Marvel's Chewbacca #1 in October from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto. Duggan tells, "“He’s a hero, plain and simple. He’s a giant-sized underdog. He’s faithful, fierce, and can be playful. At the

Expanding the “Star Wars” Universe One Book at a Time

After the return of George Lucas’ Science Fiction/Fantasy masterpiece “Star Wars” to the confines of Marvel Comics in January (former publisher Dark Horse Comics lost publishing rights when Disney bought Marvel and then scooped up the “Star Wars” brand), the comics giant has released two on-going series, “Star Wars,” with

CHRONONAUTS ahead of its time | Will be adapted into feature film

First issue of new Millar and Murphy time-travelling adventure series goes straight to second printing Bestselling writer Mark Millar (WANTED, Kingsman: Secret Service, Kick-Ass) and artist Sean Gordon Murphy (PUNK ROCK JESUS, The Wake) put a high-energy, thrilling new spin on the time-travel adventure story with CHRONONAUTS—a breakneck-paced new series about