CinemaCon 2017 | Focus Features Presentation

focus features

Focus Features is a company that has an illustrious track record of Oscar-winning and nominated films. This year, they turn 15 years old and their line up is just as engaging as ever. The first film presented for their 2018 slate is Victoria and Abdul, the true story of the

A Look At DECADENCE 2016

Photos taken at Decadence 2016 by: Thomas Int-Hout [] All rights reserved. Please visit our Flickr page for more photos of events we cover! Click on any image to open gallery.

LOUISIANIME | “Don’t Sell Your Soul for a Bowl of Porridge.”


This event was a game changer for me. I have been writing for Geek News Network for three years in November, I have attended different conventions from New York City to Louisiana, and I have met a lot of people. But, the conventions that I’ve attended that have meant the

Excellence in Exhilarating Entertainment | Standouts of E3

E3 2016

I’ve wanted to attend E3 for a long time, and was finally given the chance to make it this year. I had the chance to meet and chat with many of my favorite developers and journalists, stand in long, uncomfortable lines, and complain about how much my feet hurt at

Q&A with Frank Marshall at Cinemacon 2016

Frank Marshall

Day One of CinemaCon 2016 kicked off with International Day including an awards ceremony celebrating some of the best in the distribution and exhibition industries. The last award for the day was for the International Filmmaker of the Decade which was awarded to Frank Marshall, the legendary producer who has