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Logan | Movie Review

Most would agree that Marvel Studios has set a new bar for superhero films. Some Marvel Studios films have been better than others, but as a whole Marvel Studios is generally considered superior to Fox, Sony and Warner Bros. The release of Logan doesn’t change that, but it adds another notch

The Great Wall | Movie Review

Marketing is a huge part of the film industry. Edge of Tomorrow was a fantastic movie that was marketed very poorly and ended up in an identity crisis when it eventually released on Blu-ray. The Great Wall is another film that will likely be plagued with domestic box office issues

A Cure For Wellness | Movie Review

There is a sickness inside us.  At any given moment, someone you know isn’t feeling well.  There are any number of things that conspire to make our bodies weaken and fail.  Fortunately, there is a cure.  Hopefully, you don’t take it. A Cure For Wellness finds young, up and coming sales

The LEGO Batman Movie | Movie Review

In 1932 the LEGO Group was started by a man named Ole Kirk Christiansen in his carpentry workshop in Denmark. He owned a toy shop that sold wooden versions of piggy banks, cars, houses, and other toys. In 1934 he began calling his company LEGO (which is a Danish phrase

Rings | Movie Review

If you enjoyed the Ring franchise, including the original Japanese Ringu films, then you probably assumed the story had a definitive ending and there wasn't really anywhere left for it to go.  It's possible they could have rebooted it with a new concept and a new story, but otherwise there

The Space Between Us | Movie Review

Before the film The Martian was released, there was trepidation from studios considering a big-budget movie involving the red planet.  Movies such as Mars Needs Moms and John Carter, to name a few, didn't leave a good impression at the box office.  Since the common denominator was Mars, it was made the