The Mega Men Podcast #60: Save the Sharks


Matt and Chris discuss why Easter got in the way of their podcasting, candy that’s too sweet, how Chris won a Wii U gaming console, Coachella losing it’s cool factor, crazy independent films, why Irvin Kershner is the man and much more!

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The Mega Men
The Mega Men Podcast was created by childhood buddies Christopher and Matt in September, 2012. Though this is their first official podcast program, the two have worked extensively with one another on the now debunked The Geek Jock Podcast (2011). The show emphasizes silliness, pop-culture and a general love for combative arguing over the idiosyncrasies of existence. An average episode runs between 20-40 minutes. Christopher and Matt are both college graduates of Arizona State University where they studied Film. Between them, they have produced, written and directed over 20 film shorts, many of which have gone on to film festivals. They both moved to Los Angeles in hopes of breaking into the cinema industry they love so much. The Mega Man Podcast is an appropriate and dedicated piece of their career puzzles. If you'd like to CONTACT either Christopher or Matt, send an e-mail to: