Amy Schumer’s GQ Star Wars Photoshoot Basically Crossed a Line

A preview of their August comedy issues has launched, featuring Amy Schumer as “The Funniest Woman in the Galaxy”, and a series of photos of adult-themed overtly sexual situations, where she is dressed in Princess Leia costumes and seems to be knocking it out in various ways with other Star Wars characters.

Utter, abject fail.

I get the attempt—Star Wars is white hot right now. They conquered San Diego Comic-Con last week without really revealing anything new about the movie due in December.

Amy Schumer has a new TV show coming out. Her humor has always missed the mark with me, as it seems to center around her widening her big blue eyes, looking as innocent as possible, and saying the most vulgar thing she can think of.  It’s okay, if you’re in to that kind of thing. Given my choice, I’ll spend my money on Gabriel Iglesias, but I’m sure someone out there has to find her entertaining.

GQ editors think, “Comedy issue. Amy is about to launch. You put anything Star Wars on a magazine and the Geeks will flock to it. Can’t lose.”

The only thing GQ achieved is illustrating why they stopped being culturally relevant about fifteen years ago. They don’t get that Geek in 2015 isn’t . . . this.

I’m not advocating that characters like Princess Leia are above harpooning in parody. All of Star Wars has been so enmeshed in worldwide culture for over thirty years that such things are par for the course. And yes, the rest of the world has figured out that Geek Culture these days means dollars—huge, obscene numbers of dollars. Everyone will try to get their slice.

Star Wars is multigenerational, Star Wars is family, Star Wars is something that I shared with my father before he passed, and that I share with my children now. At the heart of it is good guys and bad guys, and the romanticized vision of good always triumphing in the end. Star Wars carries on the tradition of the human spirit’s struggle to overcome dark and embrace light.

And yes, this comes from a woman that co-founded a 40’s-stye pinup costuming group that is a USO for Imperial troops, as a sister group to the mighty 501st Legion. Star Wars is romanticized imagery and all things that I can happily share with my 16-year-old Girl Child and 12-year-old Boy Child. I can only hope with every fiber of my being that this somehow evades their notice.

This Amy Schumer debacle is humiliating, to her and to GQ. For someone that has to be fighting every day to prove that women can be as funny as men, a centerfold featuring her molesting R2-D2’s “equipment” in a morning-after tableau isn’t it.

Ms. Schumer, go review the work of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and see if you can do better in the future. You aren’t doing our gender any favors with this dreck.

GQ, go hire someone under the age of 30 that’s read a graphic novel at some point. If this is the best you can do on cultural relevance, you need new staff, immediately.

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21 thoughts on “Amy Schumer’s GQ Star Wars Photoshoot Basically Crossed a Line

  1. I think she is skewering how fucking ridiculous and demeaning slave Leia is by making the “sexiness” utterly ridiculous. I think it’s great, and I think a lot of people are overly sensitive about Star Wars being criticized in any way, especially original trilogy

  2. Dear Imperial Girl,
    Wow! You totally missed the mark judging by the comments. You claim that GQ Magazine is out of touch but it appears that you are out of touch by not understanding the humor of the hottest and most popular comedian in America.

    Amy Shumer’s comedy actually promotes feminism. You should really try doing some research before writing an article. You may even begin to appreciate what Shumer is accomplishing.

    By the way, she is not getting a “new” TV show….her show is in it’s 3rd season. She has has a new movie that just came out called Trainwreck.

  3. You do realize Amy Schumer is one of the strongest feminist voices in comedy right now correct? Did you watch the episode where she attacks the aging out of women from being considered beuatiful? Or how about the one where it was a parody of 12 Angry Men where she barely appears in it but it’s all about if she is “doable” or not (toning down the words there and by the way that sketch included Tina Fey one of her heroes and Julia Louis Dryfus another female comedy icon). Maybe the one where she attacks nostalgia head on by “defending” Cosby (here’s a hint the defence was actually an attack).

    It sounds like you are more bent that she used Star Wars which has MANY times over the years proven itself as problematic and not actually caring about what the actual content of her material is and attacking her with little understanding of the actual material she is discussing or her message. That or you lack any nuance in your interpretation.

    I’m a geek, but I’m also a comedy geek and as you suggest Schumer do her homework I suggest you do yours. It doesn’t really feel like you are truly aware of her work whilst commenting on it.

    P.S. BTW I enjoy your agist dig there at the end. You know, those of us who are older than 30 and have been reading “Graphic Novels” since they were just called comic books or were there for when the first trilogy of Star Wars movies came out really enjoy being condescended to about not being “True geeks” since we’re too old.

  4. When someone doesn’t find a male comic funny they don’t say he demeans his gender. So she doesn’t fit in someone’s little box of what is acceptable and tasteful for female behavior… So what? We need more than one type of female comic because everyone has a different sense of humor. We should be celebrating her not shaming her. She doesn’t represent an entire gender. No one picks out a man and says “Hey you there, stop that you’re representing all men on earth!” She’s a comic out there doing her thing and showing that women can live off color raunchy humor as much as men do. Think of her as a comic fists and a woman second. I know that’s what I want for my work. See me first as my value and talent, please let my gender be secondary to that.

  5. Princess Leia was one of the strongest female characters of the time, and all anyone ever talked about is who she kissed and how she looked in a bikini. If you knew anything about Amy Schumer, you’d realize this is more feminist commentary about how females in geek culture are portrayed – from video game characters with EEE boobs to cosplay outfits that are barely there. She took it to the extreme to make a point – and you thoroughly missed it.

  6. Wait… It’s okay for George Lucas to pander to the sexual urges of guys in 1983 by putting Carrie Fisher in a skimpy slave girl outfit in Return of the Jedi, but poking fun at that in 2015 is still “too soon”?

    Give me a break!

    Heck, I agree that Amy Schumer isn’t funny, but lots of people think she is and she and GQ are in the business of making money. If you don’t like it, you need to be setting your sights on capitalism itself, because that is what drives this silliness.

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