Cosplay Night at Lights of the World!

lights of the world

Courtesy of the wonderful people at the Lights of the World event, we got to do a fun holiday photo walk late last year. With over 10 million lights, acrobats from China, authentic Chinese food vendors, and carnival rides, this was an event like no other. 

Joined by photographers Chocozumo, Orange Slice Media, Cole Bekah Photography, and D9 Photography, we were able to capture the magic of the event with some amazing local cosplayers.

Check out the photos from the event from each photographer below and please give everyone involved a follow. We look forward to another awesome show later this year!

Chocozumo: [Instagram] [Facebook]

Orange Slice Media: [Instagram] [Facebook]

Cole Bekah Photography: [Instagram] [Facebook]

D9 Photography: [Instagram] [Facebook]


Sumer Breeze Cosplay [Instagram]

Blue Calcifer Cosplay [Instagram]

Polyxena Cosplay [Instagram]

Heartless Aquarius [Instagram]

Aderukitten [Instagram]

Thermo Cosplay [Instagram]

Tofu Giggles [Instagram]

Jocelyn Gangestad

Photos are published with permission from each photographer.

Shoot location courtesy of Lights of the World.

For more information about the event, please follow them here:

[Site] [Facebook] [Instagram] [Twitter] [Youtube]

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