Attending Jet City Comic Show was a blast. I got to see a lot of great costumes and meet a lot of great people. I was disappointed in the fact that there were so few people there. I felt that there weren’t a lot of promotions that happened for this show and so there weren’t enough people who knew what was going on. It was great to walk around in costume and see who knew who I was and watch people shake their head because it was so obvious. There were a bunch of great costumes and the cosplayers there were awesome. You could tell that most people took their time to create something awesome. There were some awesome vendors as well. Bobakahn toys were nice enough to make sure that I finally got my Raven action figure and there were artists that drew custom pictures for me. Everyone was very sweet and friendly and very open. I was excited to be able to talk to some authors, get some review materials and just have a blast and meet new people. I would love to see more people there next year, and a lot more promotions for this show. Otherwise, there isn’t anything I would change.


Jet City Comics Show is in its third year and takes place at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, 299 Mercer St., Seattle, WA. For more information, contact organizers at, or and click on “Contact Us.”

Co-founder James Taylor, publisher of Rorschach Entertainment and an accomplished artist and inker, and co-founder Brian Meredith who is exhibits director, Emerald City ComiCon.


Photos courtesy of Wesley Rogers & Lilith Faire:

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