Calibrating Best of Gaming Awards Semi-Spectacular!

Welcome to the first episode of Constantly Calibrating to be featured on Geek News Network! I swear this isn’t some carefully developed coup or anything like that, but simply part of our partnered ‘Best of Gaming Awards Semi-Spectacular!’ that we announced last week. Constantly Calibrating and Geek News Network came together to decide on what we consider the best games of 2012 across a multitude of categories.

Sadly, due to some technical issues in recording on Sunday evening we were unable to maintain a stable connection to David Arias of GNN, and as such he was only able to join us for the first 20 minutes. We regret that this happened, so instead of a split GNN/Constantly Calibrating podcast you all will be introduced to a purely ConCal podcast. (Seriously, not a coup; I swear!) As such, there is a fair bit of swearing in the podcast; without a representative of GNN to join us we devolved into our normal podcasting style, which can easily be classified as for “mature” audiences.

This week’s intro is Crucible from Miracle of Sound.

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