Sheer Velocity Killed The Kat | Gravity Rush 2 Review

Back in 2012, the original Gravity Rush released on the PlayStation Vita. The protagonist, Kat, wakes up in a mysterious town surrounded by storms, alongside a mysterious cat with the uncanny ability to manipulate gravity. With the press of a button, “Gravity Queen” Kat could negate her own gravitational pull and any nearby objects and shift the effects of gravity in any direction, allowing her to run on walls and essentially fly by falling into

Lather, Whip, Repeat | Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Review

I don’t mean to startle you, but there’s a new Shantae game out! What’s that? You have no idea who Shantae is and have never even heard of the series? Well sure, that’s entirely reasonable and pretty much expected in this day and age. The original Shantae debuted in ancient times (2002) at the tail end of the life of the Game Boy Color and is largely regarded as one of the best, most impressive

Divided Highway | Final Fantasy XV Review

final fantasy xv

First announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII ten years ago, Square Enix’s long-awaited, newest entry in the highly acclaimed series is finally here. The game has undergone quite a few changes in the last ten years due to a troubled development cycle, switching directors, team members, and even the overall scope of the story. What we’ve been given is an experience that very much reflects this fact. The potential on display is intriguing and exciting,

Inside | Game Review

  Inside is the highly anticipated second game from independent, Copenhagen-based game studio, Playdead. Inside seems not only reminiscent of the studio’s first game, Limbo, but almost reimagined and revamped in terms of style and gameplay. Something that fans of Playdead will be fond of. My first hands-on impression of Inside is that although it is a 2D platformer at its core, what stands out the most is the beautiful yet dark art direction, fluid controls, and overall tone

Doubling Down | Dishonored 2 Review

Arkane Studios is back and better than ever with the latest entry to their supernatural stealth series, Dishonored 2. For those not familiar with Dishonored franchise, let me catch you up real quick. The first Dishonored followed the story of protagonist Corvo Attano, bodyguard-turned-assassin. Corvo is framed for the murder of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, who he was assigned to protect. Lady Emily Kaldwin, heir to the throne (and, as we later discover, Corvo’s daughter) is

Best Non-Console Zombie Games


Zombie gaming has become so popular that it essentially comprises its own category as a subset of action, adventure, and horror. Gamers love the idea of gunning down waves of the undead, and in some cases playful spins on zombie takeovers make for fun, lighthearted games as well. And the best thing is, a lot of the games in the category exist online and in app stores, which means you don't necessarily need the biggest

ReTurn To Sender | ReCore Review

I’ll come right out say that ReCore is rough around the edges and could have used more development time to turn this new series into something special. The general idea of the game is interesting and very reminiscent of third person action-platformers abundant on the PlayStation 2 years ago. The characters have a lot of charm, the world is imaginative and mysterious, and the sense of adventure is prominent from the start. Unfortunately, what we

Cartoony Chaos | SGW:Stellar Climax Review

At its core, Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is a fun, chaotic time-sink. In this arcade shooter, players take control of various mechs equipped with unique abilities and an array of weapons to choose from. Each level is comprised of three stages, with the simple goal of reaching the end without dying and taking out as many enemy ships as you can along the way. Stellar Climax is not a complex game but its depth

Fine-Tuned Fun | Mankind Divided Review

There’s an inherent risk to relinquishing control of a game to the gamer. It creates balancing issues, more intricate narratives, and a quality assurance nightmare. Most of this risk can be averted by making the given choices and paths minor, but when the choices fundamentally change the way the game is played the stakes are significantly higher. Juggling more plates make them more likely to fall, but when it works it is a sight to

To boldly go where no one has gone before… literally | No Man’s Sky Review

no man's sky

Normally, there would be a logical starting point to go over where to begin your journey. After a very brief introduction to No Man's Sky, you are quickly introduced to the vast scale of the game. A literal universe sized sandbox that defies any logic of what you may have thought possible in a 3D environment. Paired with the almost zero load times (other than warping) adds to the immersion of the game that is