Eighth Grade | Movie Review

Most people were pretty awkward in their youth. It’s how we got through that adolescent period that helped shape the people we are today, but it can be rather enlightening to take a look back at those awkward times. In Eighth Grade, writer/director Bo Burnham takes an intimate look at the last four days of eighth grade for one introverted little girl as she attempts to break out of her shell. It’s a charming film

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot | Movie Review

Movies about popular public figures are a dime a dozen. Some can be thrown away with nothing to offer, while others tell the story of the individual and send a message home to the viewer at the same time. It’s this fine line that only the best biographical films can walk. Director Gus Van Sant tries to walk this line in his latest theatrical venture, and while he stumbles a bit along the way, it’s

Sorry to Bother You | Movie Review

Racial tensions are high across America and the world as the President of the United States openly supports and practices racism and bigotry. This environment leads to films that document and even mock the times we live in. That’s essentially what’s going on in Sorry to Bother You from first-time writer, Boots Riley. It’s a strange film that has a message for all to see, if you can get through the obstacle course of distractions

Lady Bird | Movie Review

Lady Bird is a unique look into the life of a teenage girl in California in the early 2000's. With a seasoned cast starring Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf, this indie gem is a quirky reminder that the cinema is not just about bloated budgets and over the top effects; at it's heart it is telling stories. Lady Bird is an unconventional story, as it follows its protagonist through her senior year of high school. While other

STEP | Movie Review

When you grow up, you have dreams and ambitions that far exceed your ability at the time, but you know eventually you will get there.  You practice, study, and improve at whatever skill you think will move you forward.  There will be obstacles in your way, distractions from your ultimate goal, but it's your determination and resolve that helps you avoid them and stay on target.  If anything the only real danger to not becoming

A Ghost Story | Movie Review

The studio A24 has made a name for itself by providing audiences with unique films that subvert their genre.  The Witch, Swiss Army Man, and The Lobster are examples of a certain style of filmmaking this company encourages.  These films lean heavily on character development but are combined with a note of abstract reality.  A strange enough premise that invites us to learn more.  Sometimes it pays off and other times the experience of seeing

I, Daniel Blake | Movie Review

Life doesn't always go according to plan.  It doesn't come with instructions either.  There are books that can guide you, but they are only for preparation and anticipation.  They do not help you avert the unexpected.  Even though we can do our best to lead good lives, there will be circumstances we face that will put us in an unfortunate position and force us to make drastic decisions.  How society can expect our dignity and

Colossal | Movie Review

The world is full of pain and heartache.  The choices we make to process these emotions and situations could be our downfall or our survival.  If we find the right answers to overcome our dilemma, we may end up being an inspiration for others who share a similar fate, as well as ourselves.  If we wallow in self-pity and despair, we could bring others down with us, as miserable people often do, and never be

CinemaCon 2017 | Focus Features Presentation

focus features

Focus Features is a company that has an illustrious track record of Oscar-winning and nominated films. This year, they turn 15 years old and their line up is just as engaging as ever. The first film presented for their 2018 slate is Victoria and Abdul, the true story of the unexpected friendship between Queen Victoria and her Indian servant. Starring Dame Judi Dench as the iconic Queen, the trailer for this film looks to be

Personal Shopper | Movie Review

One of the things I like about Olivier Assayas is his ability to give his films a compelling setting for his characters to explore, which allows them to open up organically to the audience.  I enjoyed Clouds of Sils Maria and the tale of an aging actress in a remote village with her assistant.  Sometimes a story can build up from its surroundings and give a character purpose without notice.  The environment can be built by