One Night in Miami | An Unapologetic Ideological Brawl about Black Success in America

One Night in Miami is a unique viewing experience, to be sure. The writing, acting, and set design are all executed to the highest quality.

Mulan | A Beautiful Letdown

Mulan is a visual masterpiece, but sadly there is not enough narrative substance to justify this version’s more serious tone.

Fatman | Ho-Ho hum

Fatman is a washed-up Santa Claus hunted down by a hitman after slighting a 12-year-old boy, but the movie doesn't live up to its premise.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage | Movie Review

The xXx film franchise has always been about fast-paced, over the top action. The latest film in the series, xXx: Return of Xander Cage...
the hunt

The Hunt | Right Wing v. Left Wing Battle Royale

Despite the controversial premise, The Hunt is far sillier than it is offensive. While too often messy and nonsensical, a satisfying conclusion gives this political satire the leg up it needs to qualify as stupid fun.

“Think Like A Man Too” Movie Review

In 2009 Steve Harvey released a book titled, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man". It was a best-seller and spawned the 2012...

The Hunger Games: A review by Stephanie Steele

My roommate and I have this wonderful past time of going to Barnes & Noble to work on homework or projects and, in general,...
first cow

First Cow | A Quirky and Thoughtful Capitalist Fable

First Cow is beautiful period drama with elegant symbolism and quietly good acting that is bogged down by awkward plot development and inexplicable pacing. A must-see for fans of Parasite, but less appealing to general audiences.
troop zero


Although a bit conventional, Troop Zero is a must see underdog story that has an abundance of heart and a truly inspiring message. Available now on Prime Video.
extra ordinary

Extra Ordinary | The Title Says it All

Extra Ordinary lives up to its title, proving to be yet another marvelous addition to the horror/comedy genre.