jumanji the next level

Jumanji: The Next Level | Movie Review

Jumanji: The Next Level is a decent sequel that relies heavily on its action pieces, comedic moments, and not straying far from the original premise.
6 underground

6 Underground | Michael Bay at His Worst

Skip this movie unless you're dying to see how bad of a train wreck 6 Underground truly is. Check out the full review here.
knives out

Knives Out | A Very Sharp Whodunit

Knives Out is a smartly written, directed, and acted whodunit with mind-boggling twists and turns.
dark waters

Dark Waters | A Chilling Story of Corporate Evil

Dark Waters is an effective legal thriller that tells an incredible real-life story, albeit in a rather conventional way.
frozen 2

Frozen 2 | The Icy Magic Has Melted

Frozen 2 is a stunning visual cornucopia but it's story is predictable and messy.
marriage story

Marriage Story | Baumbach Finds The Raw Truth Of Families In Divorce

Marriage Story is one of the best films of the year. It has an emotional story that many people will relate to on multiple levels, but those heavy elements won't prevent you from being entertained as well.
the irishman

The Irishman | A Career Highlight For All Involved

The Irishman is an outstanding film that should garner awards contention. On top of its direction, screenwriting, and editing, the music is outstanding and the acting is incredibly strong.
ford v ferrari

Ford v Ferrari | Great Acting, Poor Pacing

The dialogue of Ford v Ferrari is sharp and witty, especially when Miles is delivering jabs at whichever poor soul has sparked his irk that day, but it’s just missing that one piece that could push it over the edge.
doctor sleep

Doctor Sleep | A Marvelous Amalgam of Stephen King’s Best Work

While this is not at the caliber of the Shining, Doctor Sleep will still leave horror fans satisfied. Check out our review here.

Midway | Spectacle vs. Story

Midway is a mediocre war film filled with interesting action and wooden characters. Check out our full review at this link.