last christmas

Last Christmas | Henry Golding Brings The Charm

I'd recommend checking Last Christmas out at a matinee and bringing someone you love. Don't pay full price.
terminator dark fate

Terminator: Dark Fate | The Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For

Hard-hitting action, smooth as butter fight scenes, grit for days, and four ass-kicking leads! Is this Terminator: Dark Fate the sequel we finally need?
motherless brooklyn movie review

Motherless Brooklyn | Norton Makes an Oscar Run

As it stands, Motherless Brooklyn represents a genre of cinema that is rarely seen these days, and it delivers on all fronts.
the current war movie review

The Current War: Director’s Cut | Electricity is Boring

The Current War: Director’s Cut is the dramatic story of the cutthroat race between electricity titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.
joker movie review

Joker | A Captivating Study Of Mental Illness

Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is an intense, brilliant picture. The direction, editing, music, acting, and production design are all on point.
ad astra movie review

Ad Astra | Crazed Gorillas in Space

Interstellar made people think, while also offering some fun action sequences that fit well with the story. Ad Astra seemingly tries to imitate Interstellar, only without the finesse to do it correctly.

The Goldfinch Review | A Broken Puzzle for a New Audience

The Goldfinch film makes a valiant attempt at condensing the novel into just shy of two and a half hours, but it just doesn’t hit the mark.

It Chapter Two | Fun Scares And Closure Make For A Satisfying Conclusion

I consider It Chapter Two one of the best Stephen King adaptations so far and I don’t base that on how scary the movie is. I base it on how well the story was executed.
official secrets movie review

Official Secrets | Movie Review

As it stands, Official Secrets is a solid film with wonderful acting on display, but it falls just a bit short of greatness.

READY OR NOT | A Fun Reception That Needed More Thrill

Ready or Not gets more things right than it does wrong. It's a fun trip through an asylum of Rockefellers. Samara Weaving is the linchpin of the entire story.