The Hate U Give | Movie Review

The Hate U Give is a movie that speaks to the times. It takes place at a...

Mortal Engines | Movie Review – Howl’s Moving Kingdoms

Mortal Engines is a messy somersault of visual escapades, but sticks the landing with a broken foot. I grew increasingly disenchanted, but the ending brought me back and made me want to see more.

The Children Act | Movie Review

The Children Act is an interesting film about life and death, and the consequences of your actions....

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies| Movie Review

In a world where superheroes are a dime a dozen... one group stands out among the rest... because they're totally, hilariously immature. Teen Titans...

Kin | Movie Review

Kin is an interesting movie. It starts off as a tradition sci-fi film, then transitions into a...

Suspiria | Movie Review

Last year I saw the film Call Me by Your Name. It’s a small indie film about...

Mission: Impossible – Fallout | Movie Review

Action movies have always been big summer draws for the box office. The trend didn’t slow down with the surge in superhero films, many...

BumbleBee | Movie Review

It was difficult to review BumbleBee because it’s not a Transformers film. As the first film in the franchise without Michael Bay at the helm,
escape room movie review

Escape Room: Should You Accept the Invitation?

Six adventurous strangers travel to a mysterious building to experience the escape room -- a game where players compete to solve a series of puzzles to win $10,000.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World | Movie Review

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is visually stunning in that it allows the audience to immerse themselves in this Viking themed reality.