holiday matsuri 2018

A look at Holiday Matsuri 2018!

I had the opportunity to go to Holiday Matsuri this past year for the first time and I was not disappointed. From the venue to the guests, everything was grade A awesome.

TERMINATOR GENISYS experience is taking over PHOENIX COMICON 2015!

Terminator fans will have a chance to enter the T-1000 simulator to see if they are qualified to join the Human Resistance in their...
Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Presentation | CinemaCon 2016

Day 3 of Cinemacon kicked off with the Walt Disney Studios presentation of their 5 divisions including Disney Live Action, Disney Animation Studios, Pixar,...

A look at Mad Monster Phoenix 2014

Mad Monster Phoenix is a horror, sci-fi and fantasy themed convention bringing together top genre celebrities for fans to meet and buy autographs, attend...
carey mulligan


Carey Mulligan to receive “CINEMACON AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN ACTING”. Focus Features to release “PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN” on April 17, 2020.

A Look at Long Beach Comic Con 2013

The cold, biting rain leading into the weekend could have been taken as an ill omen. However, when morning broke on the Long Beach...

Anime Expo 2019 | Photo Gallery

Check out our cosplay photo gallery from Anime Expo 2019! Photos published with permission from Shaka Pics. All rights reserved.
taiyou con

Taiyou Con 2018 | Preview

With the holidays neatly packed away and the New Year having rolled its way into our lives, it's time we start looking forward to...

Dolby Atmos Experience with Exclusive Footage from ‘THE 33’

On Day 2 of CinemaCon 2015 Dolby showcased its newest technology in sound design and featured an exclusive footage for the upcoming movie The...

The Invader ZIM Fan Convention Kickstarter Needs Your Help!

FANS TURN TO KICKSTARTER TO HELP CREATE ANOTHER INVADER ZIM THEMED CONVENTION. Funding reached 60% in less than ten days, but it still needs help...