Black Panther | Movie Review

Marvel has had a stellar track record when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While not every film has been a critical success, they’ve all been financial homeruns and have renewed Hollywood’s interest in the cinematic universe. After 10 years of blockbuster films, the Marvel formula is a

The 15:17 to Paris | Movie Review

Clint Eastwood has an impressive acting résumé, but some might argue he’s an even better director. With iconic films such as Gran Torino, American Sniper, and Unforgiven under his belt, most people take note when a new Clint Eastwood directorial project is in the works. Eastwood’s latest directorial effort is

Den of Thieves | Movie Review

Who do you root for when the good guys aren’t that good, and the bad guys have better family lives? Den of Thieves explores that question fairly well while weaving a cat and mouse tale of two gangs of highly armed, highly motivated, and highly skilled men against each other,

Phantom Thread | Movie Review

In 2007 I saw a film that completely floored me. It was about a self-centered prospector in the early 1900’s who was obsessed with drilling for oil and would stop at nothing to stomp all over anyone who opposed him. The film was called There Will Be Blood and it

Downsizing | Movie Review

Imagine a world where people are only 5 inches tall and the sociology, economic, and environmental effects it would have. Downsizing poses several questions with its unique concept and social commentary. At times it has powerful humanistic moments driven by incredible acting and humorous elements to keep it light. However, while