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manga concierge Somewhere in Shibuya lies a place where Torai Eisu, a manga concierge, guides people to the manga they “always wanted to read”. In this program, we meet with him every month to hear his title selection, each time on a different theme. In our first episode, the manga concierge introduces three manga themes around games. Today’s selection: ・Banjo no Polaris Scenario: KIGUCHI Minori Art: WAKAMATSU Takahiro Publisher: Kodansha ・Final Re:Quest Scenario/Art: KUSAKA Ichiro Collaboration: HUGA Inc. Publisher: Kodansha ・Gutshot Scenario/Art: SATO Masaki Supervision: Japan Poker Association Publisher: Futabasha   テーマ:ゲーム 紹介されたタイトル: ・盤上のポラリス 漫画:若松卓宏 原作:木口糧 ©講談社 ・ファイナル リクエスト 漫画:日下 一郎 協力:株式会社ヒューガ ©講談社 ・ガットショット 漫画:佐藤


marvel agents of shield slingshot

Six-Part Digital Series Delves Into the Backstory of Elena ‘Yo-Yo’ Rodriquez   Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot is now live on, ABC app, and ABC and Marvel’s YouTube channels. The six-part digital series, produced by Marvel Television and ABC Studios, features the character of Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez (Natalia Cordova-Buckley), an Inhuman with the ability to move with super-speed, as she struggles to balance the restrictions of the recently instituted Sokovia Accords, the worldwide agreement that

An Interview with Nathan Blackwell of Voyage Trekkers at Phoenix Comicon 2015! Amber Nichols interviews Nathan Blackwell, the director of the popular web series Voyage Trekkers at Phoenix Comicon 2015! To learn more about Voyage Trekkers visit their Official Sites:

Full power to the engines and engage to Phoenix Comicon 2015!

On Friday, May 29th at Phoenix Comicon, Star Trek Continues will be premiering Episode 4: The White Iris. This is the second premier that the web-series Star Trek Continues has done at Phoenix Comicon. Episode 1: Pilgrim of Eternity premiered at the 2013 event. The cast of Star Trek Continues will also be at Phoenix Comicon. We're excited to welcome Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, Chuck Huber, Chris Doohan, Kim Stinger, Wyatt Lenhart and Michele Specht. Star Trek

SPACE RANGERS the Series Indiegogo

Space Rangers follows the adventures of the crew of the Venture Horizon as they patrol the outer reaches of the Sigma Draconis Territories, making it safe for settlers from Earth.  Now nearly 2/3 of the way through filming, Atomic Age Pictures is reaching out to its budding fandom to help them with the show's finances and future.  In order to complete Space Rangers, funds are needed for building the remaining sets, a place to  build

Award-Winning Series “Horror Hotel” Enters Second Season

Availability of the series on popular streaming platforms Hulu and AT&T U-Verse comes on the heels of winning 4 awards at the 2014 LAWeb Fest for Outstanding Series, Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Score and Outstanding Sound Design   The film community in Georgia is abuzz around the news that their local production “Horror Hotel,” the web series, has landed distribution on streaming media platforms Hulu and AT&T U-Verse. The popular series gained immediate attention after releasing in September of

Voyage Trekkers takes one giant leap to the Big Screen! Their Indiegogo campaign is live at:   Phoenix, AZ – After two seasons of their award-winning web series about the worst starship crew in the galaxy, Squishy Studios launches an Indiegogo campaign to fund "Voyage Trekkers: The Movie."    The feature film will follow the continuing adventures of the GSV Remarkable and its crew, led by the self-centered Captain Sunstrike (Adam Rini), an apathetic Commander Powell (Logan Blackwell) and the ever exasperated Doctor Rena (Gabrielle Van Buren), they will face

Charlie Cox is Marvel’s New Daredevil

It what was perhaps the fastest rumor to basically confirmed superhero casting news ever, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Charlie Cox ("Boardwalk Empire," Stardust) has been cast as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the upcoming "Daredevil" Netflix original series from Marvel. Early this morning, Latino Review posted the casting as simply a rumor, only to have it confirmed by THR. Marvel is expected to make an official announcement soon. Cox is the first piece of casting news to

The Almighties: Recharged, Reloaded, Reduxed Available Now for Free!

Following their critically acclaimed one-shot and Almighties Origins, The Almighties' creators Sam Johnson (Geek-Girl,Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman) and Mike Gagnon (Classics Illustrated, Monkeys & Midgets) are bringing us a 12-page free digital comic that gives you Origins and everything you need to to jump into the world of their comedy super-team. “Do you sometimes have difficulty sleeping at night? Do you ever feel unfulfilled or have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that there's something missing

Interview with James Mulholland, Author of the Webcomic ‘Proud’

James Mulholland is an independent filmmaker and webcomic book creator living in the small town of Dundalk, Ireland. Thanks to the limitless power of self-promotion on the Internet, Mulholland’s work is accessible to readers across the world, and it’s something that needs be read. It was his latest webcomic, Proud, that inspired me to reach out to Mulholland and conduct an interview with him, which can be read below. But first, I would encourage anyone