The Disaster Artist | Movie Review

You're tearing me apart, James Franco.  If you have experienced the phenomenon known as The Room then you may expect a behind the scenes bio-pic would answer some of your burning questions about the origins of the filmmaker, Tommy Wiseau. However, this film has no answers, only more questions, and speculation. But The Disaster Artist is surprisingly sweet homage to the worst film ever made, and an overall love letter to the film industry and those

The LEGO Ninjago Movie | Movie Review

Ever since I was a child, LEGO bricks have been in my life. I still remember getting my first set - a very small spaceship with a transparent green plastic cockpit and a minifigure with a big “B” printed on his chest. I was five years old and I loved it. Due to that love, my parents would go on to buy me more and more sets. I would use the instructions and build the