Episode 6:

On this week’s GNN Gaming Podcast: David, Okey, and Josh weigh the merits of microtransactions in Dead Space 3, while weighing the merits, or lack thereof, of “pay to win” gaming.

We churn through the PS4 rumor mill as February 20th draws ever closer. What does Sony need to do to make the next-gen console a hit out of the gate? What will Microsoft need to do to topple the PS4 under the Xbox 720’s mighty weight?

Have you heard about Four in February?

Read more about it here: http://constantlycalibrating.com/2013/02/01/four-in-february-redeem-yourself-for-gaming-glory/

Josh, David, and Okey discuss their plans for this month-long gaming event. Josh also has quite the rant related to his first pick for the event.

That and more on this week’s GNN Gaming Podcast!”

Show Hosts:

  • David Arias – Gaming Director of GNN
  • Okey Ogba – Game Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN
  • Joshua Silverman – Constantly Calibrating, Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN,


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***Intro song: “Ni no Kuni Main Theme” can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/biyao163/01-ni-no-kuni-main-theme


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