Episode 10:

After two weeks lost in the jungles of the Internet, our faithful trio has returned! Join them as they discuss what is going on with Electronic Arts, and how their troubles may speak of a shift in the gaming landscape. Listen to tales of the return and remastering of two old friends in Final Fantasy X & X-2, as well the unexpected return of DuckTales (A-woo-woo!).

We explore the realm of games that we wish to see, but may have not been announced at this time; a perilous task for some, but not our intrepid explorers! Also, a look at PAX East news, BioShock Infinite’s release and worries about the future of the Xbox 720.

That and more will be featured on this double-sized episode of the GNN Gaming Podcast!

Show Hosts:

  • Joshua Silverman – Gaming Director of GNN, Constantly Calibrating
  • Okey Ogba – Game Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN
  • David Arias – Game Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN

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***Intro song: “To Zanarkan” from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack, which can be purchased here.

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"A man of many talents; Joshua is a gamer, writer, Sith Lord in training and a wannabe Time Lord. Assuming the mantle of Director of Gaming for Geek News Network, Joshua has made it his goal to bring the gaming division of GNN forward.

Will he succeed? Well, only by keeping up to date with the GNN gaming division will you be able to find out.
You can read more of Joshua’s semi-regular thoughts on Twitter @BearPunch. He also co-hosts the GNN Gaming Podcast and the ”Constantly Calibrating Podcast.

Joshua can be contacted at Joshua.Silverman@geeknewsnetwork.net for more information on GNN Gaming.”

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