Episode 13:

Electronic Arts has won their second straight “Worst Company” award from The Consumerist, but is it deserving?

Microsoft appears to have an attitude problem when dealing with indie developers, but are you really surprised?

Speaking of indie games, are they the wave of the future. Can indie games become the next blockbusters in a sea of AAA gaming?

That plus our thoughts on always-online gaming, Arkham Origins, and Defiance on this week’s GNN Gaming Podcast!

Make sure you also check out today’s bonus episode from the launch of Injustice: Gods Among Us at the Microsoft Store at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Show Hosts:

  • Joshua Silverman – Gaming Director of GNN, Constantly Calibrating
  • Okey Ogba – Game Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN
  • David Arias – Game Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN

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