Episode #16:


Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder, which hopefully takes effect after only a single missing week.

This week on the GNN Gaming Podcast we wonder aloud about two recent, brutal murders that have been attributed to gaming. Whose fault is it when these things happen? The games that ‘taught’ the individual; the parents of the person; or something else?

In lighter news, we’re a week out from the Xbox Infinity press conference, which means we get to start speculating on what’s to come from Microsoft.

For this week’s out of left field, though we should have expected it, news, we found out that Electronic Arts has entered into a multi-year licensing deal for the rights to future Star Wars games. What are the positives and negatives of such a business arrangement? Does this spell doom for Star Wars and the fans, or is this the beginning of something great?

Show Hosts:

  • Joshua Silverman – Gaming Director of GNN, Constantly Calibrating
  • Okey Ogba – Game Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN

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***Intro song: “Clash of Destiny” by Mark Griskey from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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"A man of many talents; Joshua is a gamer, writer, Sith Lord in training and a wannabe Time Lord. Assuming the mantle of Director of Gaming for Geek News Network, Joshua has made it his goal to bring the gaming division of GNN forward.

Will he succeed? Well, only by keeping up to date with the GNN gaming division will you be able to find out.
You can read more of Joshua’s semi-regular thoughts on Twitter @BearPunch. He also co-hosts the GNN Gaming Podcast and the ”Constantly Calibrating Podcast.

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