Episode 8:

On this episode we discuss EA’s decision to embrace a purely microtransaction mindset on gaming. Obviously both David and Okey approve of this idea. Speaking of controversies, we delve deeper into what’s going on with Gearbox Software in light of the Aliens Colonial Marines clusterfrell. There’s also the potential controversy of what’s going on with yet another Assassin’s Creed game releasing this year. I already detailed some aspects of the game’s big announcement, but you can hear more of my thoughts and theories from the night before the trailer premiered.

Finally we delve gently into problems that may be facing the industry as a whole. Plenty of high-ranking talent such as Cliff Bleszinski, Mike Capps, Dr. Ray Muzyka, and plenty more have moved on from the gaming industry, while complaints about work conditions are on the rise. What could this hold for the lifestyle we all love so much?

That, and a whole lot of censorship, on this edition of the GNN Gaming Podcast!

Show Hosts:

  • Joshua Silverman – Gaming Director of GNN, Constantly Calibrating
  • Okey Ogba – Game Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN
  • David Arias – Game Reviewer/Podcaster for GNN

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***Intro song: “Brothers of the Creed” by Miracle of Sound can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cvujeCj000
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