What a good week to be a comic book reader but not a good week for my wallet.

Anyways here is a list of some books that should be on your radar….












1. Axe Cop: President of the World #1

-Axe Cop is appointed the president of the whole world but there is one problem; there are no more bad guys to fight! So he must travel to outer space to kick some bad guy butt. Written by 8-year-old mastermind Malachai Nicolle and drawn by his 31-year-old brother Ethan Nicolle. If you haven’t heard of Axe Cop be sure to pick up the previous trades and prepare to be blown away!












2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #12

-This issue marks the conclusion we have been waiting for! The Turtles are overwhelmed and injured yet they must come together for the final fight against the Foot Clan. Who will win? Turtles? Shredder? This issue will finish big and it’s something not to miss! Also cover art by Ryan Ottley (Invincible) is fraking amazing.











3. National Comics: Eternity #1

-DC comics is starting up a new series that will be a stand-alone comics that feature unique takes on classic characters. First up is Kid Eternity, introverted medical examiner who must solve a deadly crime in less than 24 hours, but will he be able too? You literally can’t go wrong with writer Jeff Lemire (Animal Man) and artist Cully Hamner (Red).











4. Captain America #15

-There is a new group of villains called the Discordians and they are extremely powerful. They seek an all-out war and it’s up to Captain America to shut these dudes down! All the while, the world is starting to turn against him. Sadly Ed Brubaker will be ending his amazing eight year run in October. This could be the last time Brubaker works for Marvel so get on this!











5. Green Lantern #11

-Black Hand is back and he wants revenge! Writer Geoff Johns is killing it and Doug Mahnke is tearing it up behind the pencil. This book is a must read!











6. The Amazing Spider-Man #690

-Curt Conners is back, but is he really? The last two issues Conners has caused trouble for Morbius, Spider-Man, Horizon Labs and poor Max Modell. We can only hope Spider-Man can get things under control. Writer Dan Slott has done nothing short of amazing work since he came on ASM. One thing that worries me is having two inkers on Giuseppe Camuncoli pencil work, pure blasphemy!











7. Batman: The Dark Knight #11

-Last issue we got to see an ultra-creepy Scarecrow, instilling fear into little kids and giving Commissioner Gordon one of his worst nightmares. I can only imagine his next target is Batman and it won’t be pretty. It’s Gregg Hurwitz second issue on TDK and he understands the dark and grittiness the book needed. Plus David Finch’s pencil is always stellar. Let’s only hope this team can keep the momentum going!











8. Superman Family Adventures #3

-Three months ago there used to be no good Superman books out there besides Grant Morrison’s Action Comics. However Tiny Titans creators Franco and Art Baltazar stepped in with this ultra-fun Superman book. This issue promises lots of Super-Pets and an appearance by Superman!











9.  Aquaman #11

-Aquaman used to be one of DC’s least favorite characters. That was until Geoff Johns stepped in and gave him an awesome back story and introduced a new league called ‘The Other League’. I can’t wait too see what Aquaman has under his sleeve!  Lastly Ivan Reis was made to draw Aquaman.











10. American Vampire #29

-Skinner Sweet is back and he is hunting down Hollywood vampires in 1954! This issue is part two of the “Blacklist” Arc, which the way Scott Snyder writes, we can only expect an amazing story!

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