Hotel Artemis | Movie Review

At first glance you might think Hotel Artemis takes place within the John Wick universe. You’d be wrong, but the films do share quite a bit. In John Wick criminals can go to the Continental Hotel to seek safe passage in a time of crisis. The Hotel Artemis serves the same purpose except that it’s a hospital, not a real hotel. When a criminal is injured and in need of immediate attention, they check-in at

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? | Movie Review

We live in a time in which it’s rare to last a single 24-hour period without witnessing some form of hate, usually first-hand. It’s a time when many people can’t go about their daily lives without getting harassed in some way. Through the dark clouds that line the skies of the modern world comes a beacon of light from the past. Won’t You Be My Neighbor is a documentary that will make you yearn for

First Reformed | Movie Review

Some people just want to watch the world burn... literally. In First Reformed, the world is burning as the minds of the audience melts. It starts as a timid religious drama, but ends up as a psychological thriller that will have you wondering what the F you just watched. It will take multiple viewings to even begin to understand what happens in the film, but we’re going to try to break it down without spoilers

Solo: A Star Wars Story | Movie Review

solo a star wars story movie review

Going into Solo: A Star Wars Story some fans are hesitant based on the extremely divisive Star Wars: The Last Jedi, while others were simply keeping expectations in check after the well-documented departure of directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller. With Ron Howard taking over directorial duties, and significant parts of the film going through reshoots after he came on board, how could the Han Solo film survive unscathed? Whatever magic LucasFilm and Disney

Deadpool 2 | Movie Review

A lot of sequels try to do too much in order to differentiate from the original film. Some sequels try too hard to mimic the first film in hopes of replicating the same success. Whatever the plan of approach is, delivering a quality sequel that appeases fans of the original is a difficult task. Enter Deadpool 2, where the original director, Tim Miller, was ousted because of a creative clash with star Ryan Reynolds. After

Breaking In | Movie Review

There’s a theme going around Hollywood and all over the world to empower women. It’s a great theme that should just be normal life instead of a “theme,” and while production on Gabrielle Union’s latest starring vehicle, Breaking In, was likely well underway by the time this new movement began, the movie is all about empowering women. Unfortunately, a sloppy script and what felt like too many hands in the cookie jar derailed what could

Tully | Movie Review

Motherhood is something that only half of the population will ever truly understand. That’s what makes Tully so impressive. It takes motherhood in the rawest form and injects it into a movie theater audience so that everyone, men, and women, can understand exactly what it feels like to be a mother. Tully is definitely made for mothers to feel represented, but everyone else will understand the highs and the lows of motherhood by the time

Paramount Pictures Presentation | CinemaCon 2018

Paramount Pictures offered an explosive array of film previews for Cinema Con 2018. In addition to footage being shown for a number of titles coming in 2018, the company teased fans with confirmations of a slew of titles due out in 2019 and beyond. First up was a recap of how well A Quiet Place has performed at the box office, regaining the number one spot in America during its third week of release. BumbleBee With old

20th Century Fox Presentation | Cinema Con 2018

When it comes to making an impression at Cinema Con 2018, 20th Century Fox may have taken the crown. The presentation kicked off with a Vegas-inspired musical tribute to Deadpool 2, followed by a pre-recorded skit that featured the president of Fox, Deadpool, and Hugh Jackman. The intro ended with a montage of legacy footage showing Fox’s long history of great films. Let’s take a closer look at what Fox had to offer today. Ctrl Movie Fox

I Feel Pretty | Movie Review

I Feel Pretty is a film made to hopefully evoke confidence in women. It is squarely aimed at younger women but still appeals to women of all ages. It’s not a movie made for me, a 30-something male, but there’s enough there to make it entertaining for almost anyone watching, even if they aren’t the target audience. Let’s take a deeper look at our I Feel Pretty review. Films featuring women going wild have become very