james murray

A Joker Awakened: An Interview with Author and Impractical Joker James Murray

Check out our interview with Impractical Joker and author James Murray as well as a short review of his Awakened trilogy, the 3rd book releasing on the 23rd of June.

Quarantine Re-Reads: Harleen

A laid back review of the DC Black Label release of Harleen. Reviewed off of the Graphic Novel release by Stjepan Sejic in September 2019.
titan comics august

TITAN COMICS | Exciting Releases for This Month

From Titan Comics, check out these brand new issues that will keep you laughing, gasping and wondering why comics aren't on the college textbook list.

Dark Horse Comic Reviews | Oct 10th Releases

In the first issue of Dragon Age: Deception, we meet Olivia Pryde, a failed actress turned con artist who travels to the town of...

Stranger Things #1 | Review

The Upside Down. A dark, dank, and creepy-crawly-filled nightmare that some could never dream of, even in their wildest of nightmares. A place so...

Dark Horse Comics | Sept 12th Releases

Joe Golem | Occult Detective #1 One thing to be said about Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden is that they never disappoint. The first issue...

Titan Comics | New Releases [Aug 22-29]

Mike Hammer 3 | The Cuban Connection As soon as I saw the cover, I was excited to check out this book.  It was everything...

Discussing Geek Fiction with Author Russell James

Interview with Geek Fiction Writer Russell James You might not know the name Russell James yet, but if he keeps churning out awesome geek fiction...

Old School Goes New School – Marvel Legacy #1

In the 1990's I worked at a comic book store. It was at the height of Death of Superman and the X-Men relaunch with...

DC Collects The History of Wonder Woman

My history with Wonder Woman has been long and fruitful. Since I was a kid watching “Super Friends” on Saturday mornings, I evolved into...

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