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dark horse comics - dragon age deception

In the first issue of Dragon Age: Deception, we meet Olivia Pryde, a failed actress turned con artist who travels to the town of Ventus hoping for a big score. With war looming upon the horizon just outside the city walls, Olivia hopes that maybe she can hit a big payday as people seem to be too focused on escaping the city to really pay attention to her ruse. Written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, this first issue opens us up to a new branch of Dragon Age lore previously not explored in the games or other media. With art by Fernando Heinz Furukawa that rivals that of the game’s graphics, we get to see the vast world of the Dragon Age series expanded upon even more in a new creative and detailed light. With an eminent battle heating up quickly, what kind of trouble will Olivia find herself in this time?

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New York has seen it’s fair share of weirdness throughout the years, but in this month’s issue of Joe Golem, things begin to take a sharp turn into crazy town. While Mr. Church helps to try and enlighten Molly on who they are and how they know Orlov, Joe sets to work trying to track down the gas mask-clad baddies from issue one, managing to get himself into a bit of trouble along the way that leaves him dripping with more questions than answers. How is it that the events of nearly 7 decades prior can be causing such a stir in modern New York? I suppose you’ll have to read in order to find out!

Comic Reviews, Dark Horse Comics, Dragon Age Deception, Joe Golem, She Could Fly, The Quantum Age

Who knew superhero teams could be banded together by something as wholesome as a terrorist attack on a gravity ball game? In this issue of The Quantum Age, we see a bit of how Archive came to the Earth colonies originally, which in turn landed him a “Founding Member” gold star as part of the Quantum League. We also meet the mother of everyone’s nightmares, known only as the Mother Computer, who allowed Archive to come to Earth in the first place. Heartache and devastation land Archive in a hot seat, but how will his decisions affect the rest of the team? Where did he come from, and where has he gone? Find out in this week’s issue of The Quantum Age!

Comic Reviews, Dark Horse Comics, Dragon Age Deception, Joe Golem, She Could Fly, The Quantum Age

In the explosive and thrilling conclusion to the She Could Fly series, everything comes to a head as both the hired hands of EDI and the shadowy organization whom Bill tried to sell the plans for the flying machine to meet to tear suburbia apart. With her family caught in the middle of it all, Luna is forced to make the choice of following the voice in her head that she’s been fighting all this time or to snuff it out and take the high road. Which voice will she follow? What’s going to happen to Bill, Verna, and Luna’s family? Find out tomorrow when the final installment in the She Could Fly series hits shelves!

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