Valorant Riot Games

Riot Games’ VALORANT | A 5v5 Tactical Shooter

Riot Games' new 5v5 tactical shooter Valorant is an exciting blend of Overwatch and Counter-Strike, and fans everywhere are HYPED!
Death Stranding PC Release

Death Stranding | PC Release Confirmed

After its extremely successful (and exclusive) launch for the PlayStation 4 last November, Death Stranding will be coming to the PC June 2nd!
final fantasy vii remake


In anticipation of the April 10th launch of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, SQUARE ENIX announced today that PlayStation owners across the globe can now get their hands on a playable demo for the game.
hunters of avalon

Hunters of Avalon | Fantasy Roleplaying Finally Gets Its Field of Dreams

Hunters of Avalon is a fully immersive experience for tabletop gamers, fantasy cosplay enthusiasts, and escape room aficionados.
Pokémon Day

National Pokémon Day | All The Records You Need To Know

Happy National Pokémon Day! This year marks the 24th anniversary of Nintendo’s release of Pokémon Red and Blue for the Game Boy in Japan.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Trailer Reveals Chaos and Unrest on the Streets of Midgar

Today SQUARE ENIX revealed a brand-new FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trailer, showcasing new gameplay and a deeper look at the slums of Midgar,

Booming Esports Market Has Many Schools Considering an Esports Program

Booming Esports Market Has More Than 70% of Schools Considering an Esports Program According to Global Survey Data from Extreme Networks and eCampus News.
rwby crystal match

Crunchyroll Games launches “RWBY: Crystal Match”

Crunchyroll Games just launched “RWBY: Crystal Match,” a free-to-play jeweled puzzle mobile game with a match-three style.
a place for the unwilling

‘A Place for the Unwilling’ Has Launched

Developer ALPixel Games today released their macabre narrative mystery A Place for the Unwilling for PC and Mac via Steam.

Arcade1Up Opens Pre-Sale for the Star Wars Home Arcade Game

Arcade1Up has opened pre-sales for the Star Wars Home Arcade Game machine through featureing the artwork from the original arcade machine.