Mana, the Debit Card & Rewards Program for Gamers

Mana Interactive Inc., a financial technology company serving gamers, today announced the launch of the Mana Banking App, Checking Account, Debit Card, and Rewards Program.

Mana is a checking account and debit card that, similar to your average credit card, will reward you for all of your in-game and everyday purchases. Without any cost to sign-up for a Mana card, it seems like the perfect system for gamers to get real-life bonuses for, well, gaming.

Joe Zhou, CEO & founder of Mana, shares, “At Mana, every team member here is a gamer. We pride ourselves on empowering fellow gamers and building things that we would use daily. We can’t wait to reveal the foundation we’ve been working on since last year and this is just the first step.”

So, what can Mana offer, exactly? According to Mana Interactive, users can earn up to 5x the points on gaming & entertainment subscriptions, 3x the points on gaming products in the Mana Shop, as well as 1x for all other purchases and monthly points from playing their favorite games. Users will be able to seamlessly redeem their points using the in-app Mana Shop for video game rewards, hardware, and gift cards.

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Mana users can earn points on gaming and entertainment subscriptions, including:

  • PlayStation Plus / Now
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • Nintendo Switch Online
  • Discord Nitro
  • EA Play
  • Amazon Prime
  • Netflix
  • Spotify

View the full list of eligible subscriptions here.

Mana will also soon be launching in Sidequest and SteamVR, making it the first US-based financial service provider in virtual reality. Users will be able to view their balances and transactions with the Mana VR, which is something we’ve definitely never seen before.

Now, as with most business models, a higher-tier plan is also available for users who would like access to boosted rewards and other perks that are not available in the standard Mana package. Upgrading to Mana Pro for these extra goodies will cost an annual fee of $119.95 and include perks such as:

  • Discord Nitro Classic
    • 1 Year Subscription 
  • $25 Xbox Gift Card
  • $25 PlayStation Store Gift Card
  • FitGMR Pro
    • 1 Year Subscription 
  • Surfshark VPN
    • 1 Year Subscription 
  • FirstBlood Premium
    • 1 Year Subscription 
  • Aim Lab Elite Supporter Pack

Mana Pro users can also earn 5x the points on gaming and entertainment subscriptions, including Netflix, Nintendo Switch Online, PlayStation Plus / Now, Xbox Game Pass, Discord Nitro, Disney+, and more.

“Getting the chance to build Mana has been an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Steve Mautone, Vice President of Product. “We’ve connected a great team and built an incredible app that I’m truly excited to share with the community.”

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