Bleach is an upcoming Japanese film produced by Warner Bros, based on the manga series of the same name by Tite Kubo, and directed by Shinsuke Sato. The film will star Sota Fukushi, best known for portraying the protagonist of Kamen Rider Fourze, as the main protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki.

Synopsis:  Ichigo Kurosaki is a High School student, living in Karakura town. He is able to see ghosts, as well as hollows. Later, he meets up with Kuchiki Rukia, a Death God (Shinigami in Japanese). Later, he finds out that he himself is a Death God as well. Ichigo Kurosaki, now with the power of a Death God, is able to protect Karakura town from hollows.

Director:  Shinsuke Sato

Writer:  Tite Kubo (manga)

Stars:  Sota Fukushi as Ichigo Kurosaki, Hana Sugisaki as Rukia Kuchiki, Ryo Yoshizawa as Uryū Ishida, Taichi Saotome as Renji Abarai, Miyavi as Byakuya Kuchiki

Releases:  July 20th, 2018 (Japan)

Sites: Twitter | Website

bleach live action

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