Brand-New Kickstarter for Indie Comic Book Series “Metal: A Black Dawn”

Metal: A Black Dawn

“Pharmaceutical drugs are the number one choice in the near dystopian future. Crime is at its highest rate it has ever been and numbers fallen to cancer has risen dramatically. A scientist discovers the very same tumor whom his wife suffered – and died from – on the frontal lobe of his brain. Driven by passion, love and anger, he develops a new yet controversial technology that not only rids him of his cancer but becomes societies worst nightmare”

That’s the premise for Metal: A Black Dawn by Jacob Thomas, an inspiring comic book/manga writer looking to start his own publishing label in the near future. Thomas is joined on the project by Rob Dumo, a former artist of the comic label Zenescope, known for their highly successful Grimm Fairy Tales series.  Metal: A Black Dawn is in need of support in order to reach its $3,500 goal, which pays mostly for publication, advertising, and marketing of the title. You can pledge as little as $1 or as much as $200. Some of the perks include 11X17 posters and a subscription to the entire Metal: A Black Dawn series.

As an added incentive, anyone that chooses to donate a $5 minimum will see an additional $1 donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s “Hope Fund,” the best way to support the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and make sure that they can afford the equipment they need for their patients. Thomas himself has a very personal connection to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital that you can read on the Kickstarter page. So in other words, at least throw in the $5.

To support Metal: A Black Dawn, head over to their Kickstarter page:


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