Cosplay Calendar – BigChris Edition!


Remember that super hot, completely awesome made-by-the-AZ-cosplayers-themselves Cosplay Calendar from last year?

They’re baaaaaaaaack!

With a freaking sweet new business name, an expanded line-up of beautiful nerdy women, more pages, and an amazing artist/designer collaboration with BIG CHRIS, this edition released just in time for Phoenix Comicon is better than anyone could have imagined!

This Phoenix Comicon/BIGCHRIS edition features these women, whom most of you already know and love from the cosplay community:

Ivy Doomkitty431938_10152805659675244_587499297_n
Freddie Nova
Ms. Lessa
Lindsay Elyse
Rosanna Rocha
Angelica Dawn
Paris Sinclair
Brieanna Brock
Victoria Paege
Jessica Nigri
Autumn Ivy
Cara Nicole
Katy Mor
Toni Darling
Leah Rose


Visit (moderated by Leah Rose) for more info, photos, and links to each cosplayer and collaborator!



[SlideDeck2 id=9778]

I've been a raging gamer since I was practically a fetus. Legend of Zelda changed my life, and the obsession of all games has snowballed since then. I'm also an avid comic reader with a preference of Marvel over DC (but not by that much!), LARP and tabletop RP at least once a week, and collect absolutely anything related to Rogue and Gambit, Catwoman, or werewolves. I've watched anime since childhood, and have all 3 major gaming consoles.
I've been cosplaying for fun for a decade and professionally for 6 years.
I'm most known for my multiple Rogue costumes, Billy Tucci's Shi, and Amber from Suckerpunch. My other favorites in rotation right now are Lenne from FFx-2, Yuuki from Vampire Knight, San from Princess Mononoke, slave Leia, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2, DKR and comic Catwoman, and Cheryl/Carol/Cristal from Archer.

Leah's links!

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