Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.43.05 PMActor LeVar Burton has been the producer and host for the PBS program Reading Rainbow for over 30 years, encouraging not only children to start reading at a young age but for parents to read with their children as well. As luck would have it, this Saturday, May 3, 2014 is the perfect opportunity for kids and parents alike to read free books as Free Comic Book Day 2014 takes over local comic book stores. Below is a video of Burton telling you how important this day is to both young and old readers:

For more information on FCBD, check out their official website at After checking out the over 60 titles that will be available for FREE that day, find a participating comic book shop in your area by going to their store locator:

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Nerdy Minds
6 years ago

Eff yeah, Reading Rainbow! “…you don’t have to take my word for it,” is among my favorite memories! ~AMW