More Special Events for Saboten Con has been Announced!!

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Saboten Con is hosting the following events for 2012: multiple Anime-themed raves, the Cactuar Ball, and a Nautical Lolita tea party.

Returning to Saboten Con are the SaboLight and SaboDark raves. This year, SaboLight will feature the theme from “Interstella 5555” which is the anime motion picture created for Daft Punk’s “Alive” album. It is a futuristic space disco that will feature some of Arizona’s greatest local EDM acts. Attendees can expect to hear lots of different genres of dance music. With bright lights and a colorful ambiance, we are all going to celebrate life and unity, one more time!

This year the theme for SaboDark will be centered around one of the scariest games and movies ever released, “Silent Hill”. This party will feature a darker and harder style of music with a new line up of DJs mixing throughout the night. As you enter the doors for the SaboDark rave, you will feel as if you are in a nightmare you can’t wake from.

Come to the Cactuar Ball and show off your Victory dance or waltz under the moon like Squall and Rinoa. This year, Saboten’s steampunk ball is themed after the classic video game series, “Final Fantasy”. On Saturday night, expect to have your mind blown as you enter a world full of steam and machinery while dancing alongside your favorite “Final Fantasy” characters. Live music from various “Final Fantasy” games will be played by the Anime Symphonic Orchestra. Don’t know how to ballroom dance? No worries, Sundance Studios will be there to show you how. Nearing the end of the ball, there will be crowned a king and queen of our cosplay contest. Admission for the Cactuar Ball is $10. Alcohol will be available.

From the deep ocean sea to the cafes of Saboten Con, we bring you, Shipwrecked! A Nautical Lolita Tea Party. Here is a message from our local Lolita girls: “Ahoy there lads and lassies! Dress in yer finest frilly sea farin’ wears and come and weigh yer anchors at the finest tea party this side o’ the Pacific! Here there be food, merriment, and more prizes ye can shake a peg-leg at. Legend says there’s a great treasure hidden in these waters, but are ye brave enough to seek it? If yer not up to the challenge, try yer hand at a round of Black Jack, or just sit back and socialize with yer fellow landlubbers. But ye be warned, if ye come seekin’ the cursed treasure of civilizations lost, ye be treadin’ in dangerous waters! Collect the pieces of the map before the moon aligns with the mornin’ star, or ye’ll be feedin’ the fishes at the bottom of Davy Jones’ locker!”

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cactuar ball, daft punk, final fantasy, interstella 5555, nautical lolita tea party, renaissance glendale hotel, sabodark rave, sabolight rave, saboten conAbout Saboten Con:
Saboten Con will be held on September 1- 3 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel in Glendale, Arizona. This will be our 5th year as the largest Anime Convention in Arizona. Our goal is to build on all the amazing previous years with more exciting programming, more guests, and more things to do. For more information or register, visit

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