“The Comic Book Insider” Season 2:Ep7

brian augustyn, Comic books, geek news network, gotham city comics & coffee, podcast, san diego comic con, the atomic fallout society, the comic book insiderIt’s The Comic Book Insider minus a few of his friends… Brian and company are back but a little short on insiders. The Gotham City Thunder Goddess Toni, Counter Culture, and John Derrick West are all MIA, but leave it to Darkseid, Negative Steve, and even Sound Man Hong Le to step up. Brian and his B-team talk about the essence of being a geek or is it a nerd, and fill us in on the aftermath of the San Diego Comic Con. But that’s not all true believers, check out a special commerical break as we dig through the vaults of The Comic Book Insider and pull out a snipit of the infamous lost episode, what cha gonna do brother when Darkseid gets ahold of YOU! It’s The Comic Book Insider and check out the special message from the Negative Knight after the credits!


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