12 PACK: “Do It With Your Mouth”

12 pack grover

In this week’s 12-Pack:

–No Mary Jane, no Will Smith, a White Shredder and more in this week’s casting roundup.

–Terminator 5 details: things might get all wibbly-wobbly and possibly even timey-wimey.

–All the Skywalkers are too fat.

–Knight Rider remake. Why?

–Sony won’t abandon the PS3.

–Google is developing a console that will probably take over your life.

–Fuck the earth; we’ve found some replacements.

–Sensors indicate: great things are happening in our future.

–Hahaha: horse-bone

–White spoons be making your yogurt taste like this; black spoons be making your yogurt taste like THIS

–Your vegetables are watching you.

–Get off your tits.



Cheers and enjoy!


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Episode Art Credit: Jeff Jones

( find him on facebook here / find him online here)


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