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Join “The 3 Drunk Geeks”, as Phoenix residents James Laird, Neil Picard and Nicholas Grover knock a few back and discuss the latest happening in the nerd world, ranging in topics from Movies and Television, Product Reviews, Books and Comics, Science News and anything that happens to interest us at the time. Stay up to date on the latest happenings in the nerd world, as the geeks bring you “The 12 Pack”. (A weekly nerd news roundup), or join 3DG for their talk show “3 Drunk Geeks” as they sit down with guests and members of the 3DG extended family to bring you product and movie reviews, intriguing geek discussion, beer and liquor recommendations, info on the latest happening in the phoenix area, and insight to all sorts of cool projects floating around in the geek community.

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Cheers and Enjoy!

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