3DG: The Hole of Dignity


In this jam-packed episode, The 3 Drunk Geeks are joined by their dear friends Alfred Trujillo and Cara Nicole (the one and only AZ Powergirl!), who give them the exclusive interview regarding Jacko’Con’s shutdown! Also, Tucson Comic-Con is recounted and 3DG thanks all the schmucks who bought stuff from their table! Not to mention the introduction of a BRAND NEW segment entitled, “Now Streaming” in which we offer you our personal recommendations for your instant video pleasure.

Apple Pie Coffee is snacksploited, Grover wants Sherlock’s interior designer, and your dream cosplays are vivisected and destroyed during our “Question of the Now Contest”. All this and more on 3DG Episode 41: Hole of Dignity!

Cheers and Enjoy!


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Episode Art Credit: Jeff Jones:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Driven-Design/166324230036 / http://drivendesign-phx.com


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