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An Invitation to Study Popular Culture at San Diego Comic-Con!!

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Students have the opportunity to attend this summer’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, California, the largest comic arts events in the world.  This innovative field study program offer student’s college credit while they study the dynamics of popular culture and marketing as they occur among fans, vendors, and other participants. 


SPRINGFIELD — Where can you get up close and personal with your favorite television stars and gain firsthand experience at conducting ethnographic research?  The Experience at Comic-Con is unlike any other course you would take in a typical undergraduate setting and allows students to experience research in the field.

For the sixth consecutive year, Dr. Matt Smith is leading a group of students to Comic-Con International July 11-15, 2012.  The Con takes place in scenic San Diego and allows students to explore television, comics and examine media industries.

Students who apply and are accepted into the five day program will have the opportunity to enjoy programming, on, and among other things comic books, video games, and film while at the same time examining the interplay between fans and the marketing techniques.  In the past, students have had the chance to see comic book legends such as Stan Lee, film stars like Nathan Fillion and the cast of “Trueblood”, and numerous other popular culture icons.

After almost a week of engaging with participants and observing the Con programming, students will get the opportunity to communicate their preliminary findings in a presentation at the Comics Arts Conference, an academic program held in conjunction with Comic-Con.

Program expenses include course registration, admission to Comic-Con, room at the University of San Diego along with several meals.  Students can visit www.powerofcomics.com/fieldstudy for more information as well as photographs from past attendees.


About Matthew Smith:

Matthew Smith has participated in the Comic Arts Conference at Comic-Con International since 2006.  He teaches “Comic Books as Culture” at Wittenberg University and is co-author of the textbook “The Power of Comics History, Form and Culture” (Continuum, 2009).  Dr. Smith has served as department chair, as well as President of the Ohio Communication Association.  In 2009, he was honored with the Alumni Association Award for Distinguished Teaching, which was the most prestigious award granted to a faculty member at Wittenberg University.

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