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The market for apps has absolutely boomed since smartphones were first introduced to the market.  Developers have designed apps for just about anything you can think of and for people from all walks of life.  There are so many apps in the market thanks to the relatively cheapness of producing them.  All a develop needs is some skills and a bit of cash and they are capable of creating something useful.

There are many apps which target students, a demographic who are particularly active with their phones.  You’ll find our picks of some of the most useful student apps in this article.


Evernote has been one of the more popular apps in the entire App Store for a good few years.  The app combines all things organisational.  If you end up turning up for a class without your notepad or a pen to take notes, this app will come in very useful.  Evernote has most of the features of a planner/organiser/diary/to-do list, in a simple, user-friendly interface.  It offers you loads of ways to record information: you can make notes, take photos, record voice clips and then sync it all with your online account for easy access anywhere.  If you struggle with keeping your life in line, this app is absolutely essential.

NUS Extra

Aside from the uninterrupted spells of free time, lay-ins and relaxation, one of the benefits of being a student is the eligibility for lots of discounts.  With so many specific deals and discounts, it can be hard to remember everything.  This is where your NUS app comes in.  It makes it easy to keep in-the-know with all of the bargains you could be getting.  You can use the app to easily scan through lists of savings, spanning anything from ASOS to Amazon.  The added social aspect even allows you to share your favourite deals with friends!


This app is pretty self-explanatory.  Doing the student thing successful involves getting that blend of work and play spot on.  Socialising and having fun are just as important (if not more so) than studying and this app can ensure that you spending your time in the right way.  It is a simple app, which requires you to enter your schedule at the start of the week, and they acts as a reminder of what you still have to do.  If you have a complex few weeks of coursework and exams, this can be a great help.

Exam Countdown

If there is ever a time in a student’s university career when a little helping hand is needed, it is at the end of term during exam time.  This is one of the few stressful times for a student, and this app can keep things under control.  When the exam timetable is released, enter all of your dates into the app to create a custom calendar for the exam period. This will help you to understand what needs to be done by when, leading to an overall improved performance in your exams.

Bingo Apps

It may surprise you to hear that bingo apps have proved to be very popular amongst students.  Although you may see bingo as an old ladies game, this is no longer the case following the rise of online bingo.  And this trend is further accentuated by the rise of mobile bingo sites. The launch of these sites has opened up the market to a broad demographic of people, and now it is not uncommon to find people of any age playing online bingo.  One trend which has stayed relatively similar is the fact that it is still mainly women who get involved. There are so many bingo apps available today that it can sometimes be hard to pick one which you think is right for you.  If you need a helping hand in picking the right app, you can find information about the best bingo apps here.


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