COMIC AND MEDIA EXPO 2015 is back for its second year!!

M4iHYtwpIt’s that time of year! The leaves are changing, pumpkin spice is in everything, and the mad dash for a Halloween costume is coming sooner than you think. Should you find yourself in Arizona’s Phoenix Valley next weekend, October 16th through the 18th, grab that Pumpkin Spice Latte on ice and come be a part of Comic and Media Expo! Located in the Mesa Convention Center, CMX will host a variety of guests, artists, and events for pop culture enthusiasts of all ages.

Fans of Arrow, the Regular show, and mysterious Youtube star D.Piddy are in for a treat next weekend. Karl Yune, known to Arrow aficionados as Maseo Yamashida will be in attendance, as well as Bill Salyers the voice of the Regular Show’s Rigby, and D.Piddy himself! Keep an eye out for cosplay guests Wind of the Stars, Firelight Cosplay, Sara Moni, Itty Bitty Geek and Kiba the Cosplay Corgi for those all important selfies! And be sure to grab a program with your three-day convention badge to find out when and where autograph sessions will be held. Nothing is worse than going home bummed out that you missed an opportunity to shake hands with a hero.

Comic Media Expo’s day programming includes dozens of fantastic panels ranging from in character question and answer sessions, workshops for costumers, writers, artists and film makers, and good old fandom discussion. Learn how to start a podcast with JPool’s GNERD Corner. Not sure what to do with the next chapter of your book? Visit Tom Leveen in his Dialogue: Speech vs Prose panel. Wish you could make yourself an awesome suit of armor but have no idea where to even begin? Sit in on Basics of Thermoplastics and let Kay Townsend pass down her crafting knowledge!

For those of you with a sweet tooth for the night life, stick around past sundown for an action packed film festival, a comedy show featuring several local comedians armed to the teeth with nerdy jabs and jests, a world-class costume contest, and then get pumped to drop the beat with the Halloween themed dance Friday night.

Should you not be the panel attending type, you may ask yourself “Why should I go to CMX if I don’t want to watch films or go to panels?” Good news! If you are a fan of merchandise you can wear, a figure collector with an eye out for that last piece of your collection, or a connoisseur of fine arts, the Exhibitor’s Hall and Artist’s Alley will be your paradise! Just make sure to get a friend to save you from spending all your dinner money.

There’s plenty to do this weekend at Comic and Media Expo so don’t forget to get snatch up a full weekend badge online now for only $25!! See you guys there!!!

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