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From Origami Plus Youtube page:

No Force Required. 🙂 Learn how to make an origami Yoda from Star Wars with this easy step-by-step instructions. This origami Jedi Master Yoda is an original origami model by Stéphane Gigandet. Use 2 colors origami paper to have Yoda’s face, pointy ears, hands and stick green, and his eyes and coat white.

To fold this easy origami Yoda, you will need 20 minutes and a square piece of paper (if possible use origami paper with a green side and a white side). I recommend a paper size of at least 15×15 cm (around 6 inches) or bigger for your first Yoda. In the Yoda video tutorial, I use 26×26 cm so that you can easily see some of the finer folds, like the slanted eyes.

For young kids and origami beginners, I recommend that you first fold my 5 minutes Yoda which is easier:…

And I also have 5 minutes Darth Vader and imperial Stormtrooper origami models:……

Once you have mastered this 2 colors paper Yoda, you can also try to fold Fumiaki Kawahata’s famous origami Yoda model. There is a good tutorial for it on the origami channel of Jo Nakashima.

Important note: this origami Yoda is an origami origami model designed by Stéphane Gigandet. It is protected by copyright laws. Do not make videos, tutorials, diagrams, crease patterns etc. that show how to fold this origami Yoda, and instead link or embed this video. Thank you.

If you fold my Yoda or another of my origami models, please send me a picture at [email protected] so that I can show it in a future video, and add it to the origami gallery on

I’m always very happy to see your pictures and to have my origami models travel around the world!

What do you think of this new Yoda origami model? Please leave a comment below to tell me what you think. It’s always great to read your kind comments.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, so I will definitely try to create more origami models for the other Star Wars characters, maybe Chewbacca and Princess Leia, and R2D2 of course! I already have an AT-AT in progress, and I would love to design some of the spaceships too.

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Thank you very much, and May the Fold be with you!

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