DIY | Star Wars Origami Yoda Easy Tutorial

star wars yoda origami   From Origami Plus Youtube page: No Force Required. :-) Learn how to make an origami Yoda from Star Wars with this easy step-by-step instructions. This origami Jedi Master Yoda is an original origami model by Stéphane Gigandet. Use 2 colors origami paper to have Yoda's face, pointy ears, hands and stick green, and his eyes and coat white. To fold this easy origami Yoda, you will need 20 minutes and a square piece of paper (if possible

Monthly Maise: The Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Skirt

The Monthly Maise Tutorial: The Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Skirt Like a petulant cat coming out from their beloved hiding spot, I’ve finally decided to start making these tutorials to share with all of you.  I know I’ve been promising them for a good while, but thanks to my new outlet of GNN, I have a viable place to share them!  So here’s the first of what will become a monthly tutorial, I hope you enjoy! The

Crafters Corner: Very Awesome Girls of Phoenix

Some days, its hard being a geek and girly crafter. Your parents are confused by the Portal box you made. Your grandma is puzzled by the Jayne Hat you knitted. And then there's the people at the office who eat your Cthulhu shaped cookies but just don't really understand why. Sometimes, it's easy to feel like the only geeky girls and crafters out there are random faces online. But fear not! For local fun and geekiness

Too Hot to Craft – 5 D.I.Y. Ways to Keep Cool

Well its summer and I'm in Phoenix. So stepping outside right now is like stepping onto the surface of the sun. Its times like these that I don't want to bother with any projects, I just want to live in a tub of chilled jello. But not if it is lime flavored. No one likes the lime flavor. Fortunately I have scoured the internet to find other great ways to stave off summer heat. So instead

Sol Black – Advice for Budget Cosplaying

Phoenix Comicon recently passed us by, leaving all of us cosplayers with ideas and anxiousness for another year. Several other cities are getting ready to open the floodgates to their comicons, however, so I'm sure there are plenty of people looking to create a costume of their own, but perhaps don't know where to begin or may not have enough money. Well, first of all, don't ever let a small budget get in the way of

Geek Mom: DIY No-Sew Baby Vest

I am the only one of my close friends that had a baby boy and I really wanted to make him some geek approved onesies since there weren’t a lot of pop-culture baby items out there.  So when I turned to the internet to look for DIY projects to make him cute things all I could find was a lot of pink and tulle and hair accessories. I was so disappointed by the lack of

Last Minute and Cheap DIY Gifts for your Valentine

Pop Quiz Hotshot; it's a few days before Valentines and you have less than fifteen dollars to last through week. You also have a special geeky someone who you want to impress. What do you do? Instead of shooting the hostage why not make them a creative and unique present from scratch? The best Valentines Day gifts always come from the heart and show appreciation for the people who receive them. Here are just a

5 Steps to Get Your Craft On

Every year I go through a hurricane of glitter and ribbon as I craft as many gifts for the holidays as I can. My family has learned to embrace the homemade gifts as I hand them over like an excited child with a macaroni necklace. At the end of it all I am left with a sense of pride in knowing that my gifts all came from the heart. I’m also left with a crafting


They say it's better late then never.  Well folks, we have a super late Christmas Special! In this tardy episode of 3DG, James, Neil and Grover are joined by the always lovely Jen and Matt Hinds for a rather festive "Getting Crafty with Jen"! Despite having literally no voice and Matt having to do all the talking, Jen brought us a fantastic take on the old fashioned Christmas Stocking. Why not check out the episode for