First ever PAX SOUTH huge success!

With the popularity of PAX already successful and established in Boston, Melbourne and Seattle, the newest addition to the PAX family, PAX South, is on track to be just as successful and popular. Finally, there is a great gaming convention in the south and southwest to give games a much

KING OF THE NERDS – Interview with contestant Amanda Liston

Tonight, King of the Nerds premieres with their 3rd season of Nerdy goodness on TBS. 12 contestants will duke it out to claim the coveted title, but not without some challenges and fun along the way. I was given the wonderful opportunity to talk with Amanda Liston, who is an Arizona

PHOENIX FAN FEST Needs Improvement

I love Phoenix Comicon. I have been going for years and years, so when the mention of Phoenix Fan Fest came about I was so pumped. We actually timed our much-needed vacation around getting to come to Fan Fest. After traveling over 900 miles, the best way I can describe Fan Fest

Nintendo Launches Website “Play Nintendo” Just For Kids and Parents

Nintendo has been fighting to find its place in this new gaming world and it looks like Nintendo will be focusing their efforts on kids and families more than ever. Play Nintendo is a kid-friendly website clearly designed to be a kid-approved gaming site filled with tips, character information, game releases,