Nintendo Launches Website “Play Nintendo” Just For Kids and Parents

Play Nintendo

Nintendo has been fighting to find its place in this new gaming world and it looks like Nintendo will be focusing their efforts on kids and families more than ever.

Play Nintendo is a kid-friendly website clearly designed to be a kid-approved gaming site filled with tips, character information, game releases, wallpapers and more. The website is incredibly easy to navigate with big colorful boxes with pictures of their favorite Nintendo characters as the center of attention.

play nintendo parents

Additionally, there is a Parents tab for parents to get facts and tips on the Nintendo life to help their families play better (and more) with their systems. Less focused on the bright colorful fun on the Kid side, the Parents side focuses on the life of a Nintendo family. There are articles with fun facts about the characters, video games & education and tips for things like ‘Nintendo Products for Your Little Ones’ or ‘The Cure For Back-to-School Blues With These Fun Video Games’. The biggest parenting asset comes from the Parent’s Guide focused on helping parents with learning about games, finding the best fit for their families and understanding all the system’s capabilities so they can monitor their children’s game play better.

Play nintendo parents guide

The site is really wonderful. It is very interactive and fun for kids without having to worry about inappropriate content. There are great tips that help make gaming more fun, videos for new games, fan art, and lots of fun silliness like Kirby smashing against the screen after hitting a question box. I know I giggled at so many of the things on the site, I am sure that kids will crack up too. 

This new site is undoubtedly gearing up for the holiday season to help push new games and products through fun colorful content, videos, quizzes and activities. With the recent release of Super Smash Brothers, Pokemon, and upcoming titles like Hyrule Warriors, this site will be a great resource for kids wanting more from their games and parents looking to learn more about them.

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