Do You Love Black Mirror? Why Not Enter the Twilight Zone?

Do You Love Black Mirror?  Why Not Enter the Twilight Zone? A few friends of mine recommended Black Mirror to me a month or so back.  There’s so much available to watch, that it’s been tough to get to it, but I have managed to watch a few episodes.  It’s a decent enough show, but I probably need a slightly larger sample size to give it the ol’ Commodus thumbs up or thumbs down. However, one thing

David’s Indie Corner | Armello

Hello everyone! Recently I've been spending a lot of time away from mainstream gaming, instead immersing myself in some independent titles. Let me tell you...there are a lot of gems in the indie world of gaming. With that in mind, I have decided to pick a new indie title each month and give you my opinion on it. So let's get started! For April's pick, I have been spending time with an amazing title by League of Geeks: Armello. Armello first

Comikaze Expo 2015 from a Cosplayer’s Perspective


  Every year, thousands and thousands of fans head to Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo for a plethora of reasons. No matter where you turn, you are likely to see just about every type of fan from the comic collector to the movie fan to the anime enthusiast. On top of that, no convention is complete without cosplayers these days. When an event is covered, generally it is from an attendee/press person's point of view. However, today

Nerd Fitness Corner | Quick Tips for Holiday Eating!

The Holidays are looming closer and closer and we all get sucked into what we like to do the most: Eat! And eat good food we shall! To manage our holiday weight gains here's some advice from the Nerd Fitness Corner for you: Fill up your plate with meat and veggies first - that way you'll be more full and be less inclined to fill up on pie and desserts.

Why The Outcry in re: the Star Wars Racism “Hoax” Was A Win

I am apparently supposed to be feeling sheepish right now. Last month, some 4chan trolls set out to enrage the Internet by suggesting bizarre, ludicrous things regarding the Star Wars poster that dropped.  Racism was a strong component in the material being put out. The Internet responded fairly quickly, and the outrage blossomed into full-scale attack against the people seemingly advocating for society to boycott the little Star Wars movie that's going to quietly slip into theaters

Welcome to Nerd Fitness Corner

Hi, I'm Daniel. Six years, I was over 220 pounds and let's be honest it was all fat. It was affecting my health, my mental state and ruining the quality of my life. In 6 months, I lost over 70 pounds and that's what started my journey in fitness. Now, I'm a personal trainer, olympic lifting, CrossFit coach - I'm currently pursing my masters in biomechanics at San Diego State University. Now, I want you to

Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015 Brings All That Reunion and More!

The very comic convention that Stan The Man created himself has been a running success ever since it's first year in 2011. Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo is the only known pop culture convention that is actually owned and run by two pop-culture icons - Stan Lee and Elvira. Now in it's fourth year, Comikaze is becoming one of the most diverse conventions for everyone that comes from every corner of geek culture. It was even announced

Top 11 TV Premiere Spoilers

The Walking Dead kills off Daryl, and fan riots are so violent that the Zombie Apocalypse of the show seems tame. Gotham introduces characters that will eventually become Egghead, the Bookworm, and Louie the Lilac. The Muppets let slip that Kermit is actually a toad who self-identifies as a frog. Sleepy Hollow incorporates more of the Washington Irving universe by introducing Rip Van Winkle. Supergirl - She can fly, is super strong, and is invulnerable to all harm, but

Back In The Game | A Journey Through The Magic The Gathering Pro Tour and Grand Prix

Thank you GNN for showing interest in my Magic: The Gathering stories. I am excited to share my 2 weeks of competitive Magic with everyone. I finished competing in the Pro Tour in Vancouver, and then I traveled to San Diego for the Grand Prix weekend. Although I did not do well in the actual Grand Prix, I dominated a huge side event and won one of the most amazing prizes, which I will talk

Top 11 More Credible GOP Candidates

The first GOP debate was recently held, and quite honestly, most of the candidates are clowns. The Republicans should look to pop culture for some better qualified candidates...   11. Former Gotham City mayor Oswald Cobblepot     10. Former Secretary of Defense Tony Stark     9. Hazard County commissioner Jefferson Davis "Boss" Hogg     8. Former Secretary of Metahuman Affairs and director of Checkmate, Amanda Waller     7. Billionaire industrialist and former president Lex Luthor. Four more years!     6. Newspaper publisher and mayor of New York City